Mulino a Vino

A Michelin Star Chef and a brand new wine restaurant concept


The client needed to communicate the opening of and build a brand for the Italian Wine Restaurant “Mulino a Vino”.

The challenge was to come up with a communication strategy that would make Mulino a Vino stand out from the several other Italian restaurants opening in New York every day.

Our communication strategy was on a two level process.
First, we started by giving the exclusive of the opening and an interview with the Michelin Chef, Davide Scabin, to the New York Times.
Moving forward, we built a name around the restaurant based on what makes it special, for instance the extreme importance given to the wine as opposed to be merely associated with the food. In fact, Mulino a Vino offers the wine menu and then the food list to choose foods to go with the wine previously chosen and not vice versa like regular restaurants.

Highlighting this distinctive element was the key that allowed us to tell the story of our client on all the newspapers and magazines we had previously targeted, as exemplified by the record of accomplishments.
During the process of building a brand around the restaurant, social media accounts were created in order to generate increasingly more interest in Mulino a Vino and eventually increase the number of patrons every night.

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