Touring the East Coast to communicate Italian food excellence


Delverde was founded in 1970 and originates in the picturesque village of Fara San Martino in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Barabino & Partners USA supported Delverde in order to increase its notoriety in the United States.

The strategy revolved around the idea of “Delverde Food Bus” tour. The food bus had an industrial kitchen, modern lounge area and its own team of Italian chefs. Inside, guests were able to relax in the lounge area, watch live cooking in the kitchen, and enjoy delicious pasta recipes.

The “Taste of Italy” tour took place over two months and made various stops along the east coast. Each stop included sampling, giveaways, and celebrity chef appearances.

The Delverde team offered over 15,000 samples and $50,000 worth of coupons over the course of the tour.

The strategy succeeded in increasing the exposure of the brand across the United States and identifying the brand as one of the leading Italian pasta producers.

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