Italian Consulate in New York

Designing the yearly image of Italian excellence during the Italian National Day


Every year on June 2nd, the recurrence of the Italian “Festa della Repubblica” (Italian National Day), the Italian Consulate in New York issues a celebratory booklet with the official calendar of events.

The booklet also includes official statements such as from the Italian President of the Republic, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Minister of Culture, the Mayor of New York City, the Governor of New York State, the Governor of New Jersey, the Governor of Connecticut, and the Italian Trade Commissioner.

It is a yearly tradition that Barabino & Partners has been honoring by collaborating with the Italian Consulate in New York designing the visual identity for the booklet.

Each year, Barabino & Partners reflects the theme of the celebrations by creating a different design reflecting the overall concept of Italian excellence across the board. This is a tradition that we are honored to be chosen to work on, year after year. Because communicating Italian excellence is what we do best.

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