How To Give a Memorable TED Talk


Rules from the head of the famed conferences: focus, connect, practice—and have something to say

Reading through the Wall Street Journal I found an interesting article about public speaking, which describes the ideal steps to follow when preparing for a presentation.

Mr. Chris Anderson, the president and curator of TED (the global conferences series born to educate the audience through “Ideas Worth Spreading” – as their slogan says), approaches Americans’ biggest fear of public speaking through the story of Richard Turere, and gives a solution to defeat this fear.

Richard Turere, is a twelve-year old guy from Kenya who came up with a thoughtful system to protect his family’s house from the lion’s attacks. However, when he had to present his idea in front of 1,400 people, it was clear that the situation was really nerve-racking for him.

As a consequence, Mr. Anderson claims that the first step to follow when preparing a presentation is to ask yourself if you have something worth sharing, as the intention is not to promote something already existing but rather to create curiosity and open people’s minds.

While presenting it is essential to avoid arguments that do not directly focus upon your idea or you will risk to mislead your audience.

Give the people a reason to care. Engage with your audience asking provoking questions that feed the curiosity of the individuals.

Another important factor is to share through simplicity. Explain your idea step by step using simple terms in order to make the new concept understandable. An efficient way to make your concept easy to understand and remarkable is through the use of stories.

Last but not least is the importance of practice. This is where the importance of clearness and simplicity shows up. Although the idea is your and you are the one who built the model, it does not make sense to the audience as much as it does to you. Therefore, practicing your speech is of extreme importance, and it will avoid the inconvenience of moments of silent or confusion by rewording concepts.

By following these tips, a presentation can be of extreme influence when trying to get your audience to “think about the world differently.”

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