Barabino & Partners USA Supports Monograno Felicetti During the Summer Fancy Food Show 2017


Since 1908, the Felicetti family has been producing top quality pasta from the purest of ingredients: prized whole-grain flours, spring water, Dolomite mountain air. Throughout the years, the Pastificio’s top-tier product line –Monograno Felicetti– has climbed the peaks of the world’s top restaurant charts and Chefs. Thanks to its incomparable quality, Monograno Felicetti is the to-go choice of the world’s top Chefs, as a unique fit for creative and traditional dishes alike.

During this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, Barabino & Partners USA supported Monograno Felicetti in enhancing its presence and image on its social media pages (Facebook and Instagram), in order to best position the brand both in the context of the Fancy Food Show, and also overall in the specialty food social media landscape.

The strategy revolved around the idea of communicating the extraordinary nature of the Monograno brand, the absolute quality of its product, and the unique taste of its pasta. Our strategic approach was twofold.

First, we decided to implement a social media strategy leading up to the day of the Fancy Food based on the association between the ingredients of the typical American brunch (carbs, bacon, eggs, and cheese) with the ingredients of one of Italy’s most internationally-renowned dishes: the Carbonara pasta.

By posting each day one ingredient associated with the corresponding image of the same ingredient as prepared for a plate of Carbonara, we engaged the public to guess which dish we were hinting at. At the end of the days prior to the Fancy Food Show, we revealed the mystery dish also announcing that Monograno was going to host a #MonogranoBrunch at its booth, based entirely of Carbonara declinations using various Monograno product lines.

Chef Steve Caruso of Manhattan’s Mulino a Vino was the official Chef at the Monograno booth for the entire duration of the Summer Fancy Food Show this year. He delighted the attendees with samples of our “Insta-famous” Carbonara, along with using the Monograno product lineup in preparing other traditional and creative pasta dishes.

The strategy succeeded in increasing the exposure of the brand during the event, gathering large amounts of people to the booth, as well as bloggers, influencers and journalists (resulting in an increase in social media following across its platforms). These activities ensured the confirmation of the identification of the brand as one of the outmost examples of Italian quality and taste globally.



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