B&P USA Supports Sola Pasta Bar by Integrating Social Media Influencer Strategies with the “Influencer NYC Pasta Challenge”


As consultants to our clients, we take our role seriously and we always try to present innovative ideas and initiatives that can shed positive light on our clients and their unique characteristics. It is because of our commitment to creative solutions and acknowledgment of how pivotal social media strategies can be in fostering a positive image of our client that we helped Sola Pasta Bar create the “Influencer NYC Pasta Challenge” in collaboration with Urbani Truffles.

For each season, Sola Pasta Bar will host a group of social media influencers for a special dinner contest. During the night, the influencers will taste four seasonal pasta dishes and at the end of the dinner, they will pick one dish to be elected as the season’s winner.

The same format will be replicated with different influencers in the following Winter, Spring and Summer editions, each electing their own seasonal winner. At the end of the year, each of the four winning dishes will face off during the Grand Finale of September 2018. The Grand Finale, which will host all the influencers that participated in the year-long initiative, will elect the best “Pasta Dish of the Year” and winner of the “Influencer NYC Pasta Challenge”.

The first Fall Edition took place on December 13th and gathered 14 Instagram influencers that between “insta-stories” and various interactions elected the Spaghetti Neri ai Ricci di Mare as the winner of the night, thus moving to the Grand Finale of September 2018.

By implementing such a strategy widely relying on the vast impact of social media influencers, we came up with an innovative and tailor-made initiative that has effectively resulted in increased media attention towards the name Sola Pasta Bar while achieving high social media exposure. This goes to prove how integrating social media strategies to traditional communication activities goes a long way and helps achieve higher and long-lasting results.


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