B&P USA Assists Panzerotti Bites With Their Opening in Brooklyn


Our clients are a young Italian couple that came to New York from the Apulia region of Italy with a dream in mind, to open Panzerotti Bites in Brooklyn.

Vittoria and Pasquale contacted us to assist them with communicating the opening of the brand-new dish/food that is unknown to many in New York, the Panzerotto. Their idea was to bring the Panerotto to New York and open their fast-casual shop called Panzerotti Bites, which they successfully managed to do.

Though New York is such a diverse city with many different foods and cuisines, the Panzerotto is virtually unheard of. That is why one of the main challenges of this project was to come up with a communication strategy to not only introduce the panzerotto but to make Panzerotti Bites stand out from similar foods and its competitors.

There were two parts to our communication strategy.

The first part was that we carefully analyzed the project in order to categorize its distinctive traits, for example, Panzerotti Bites has a kitchen with a giant glass window so people can see how the panzerotti are made.

The second part is that we carried out a carefully-tailored communication strategy in which we presented different distinctive elements of the project to various editorial targets, to best match their target audience and secure a spot in key publications.

We also pitched to the appropriate magazines and newspapers, and ensured a high-level positioning amongst the various outlets targeting the New York Metro area.

Panzerotti Bites was published on national publications such as The New York Times, New York Post, Time Out New York, AM New York, Carroll Gardens Patch and they are going to be featured on the Untitled Action Bronson Show from VICE Media. Panzerotti Bites also appeared on several national and international outlets of varying prestige.

Our extensive work of traditional PR activities definitely influenced a high level of success for Panzerotti Bites as they have only been open for approximately three weeks and they are becoming more successful everyday.



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