Barabino & Partners at the “Press for Progress: International Women’s Day”


In recent days, Barabino & Partners USA LLC – as part of an “invitation-only” event for some managers of selected companies – was invited to take part to a day of discussions at the HQ Eastside of Facebook in NYC.

In this circumstance, the management of the American company presented an important document, which shows that the “trend topic” “of 2017 on the social platform – the topic that generated the greatest number of interactions – was “International Women’s Day”. Naturally, the initiatives that have catalyzed the media were some such as the “#MeToo” movement and the “Women’s March” campaign.

For this reason, as mentioned, on Women’s Day, Facebook opened the doors of its HQ in New York to 150 women entrepreneurs and professionals in the world of communication and media, organizing the event-conference “Press for Progress: International Women’s Day “.

The primary objective of the meeting was to follow up the debate around female empowerment and gender discrimination.

Among the speakers, leading names such as Campbell Brown (NBC reporter and anchorwoman, CNN, now in Facebook), Eva Chen (Instagram’s fashion industry manager) and the Co-founders of Sakaralife, the trendiest organic-food company of moment in the USA. Each of them told, from their point of view, what it meant to be a working woman today and what difficulties, but also successes, they met along their personal and professional path.

At the end of the event, a networking moment also stimulated the 1-to-1 dialogue with Facebook’s top managers present at the event and available to share the social media communication scenarios on the Facebook and Instagram platforms for 2018.

A precious opportunity to discuss new media, communication and new trends right in the heart of the incubator from which innovation and development are born, the Facebook HQ on the East Coast.

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