B&P Supports Patavini Introducing the Tradition of Gnocchi to New Yorkers


The client Patavini came to us with a challenge, communicating something as traditional for Italians as gnocchi yet so confusing for Americans. Patavini is in fact the first food boutique focusing mostly on fresh gnocchi made in house and a selection of handpicked fine Italian specialties imported directly from Italy.

The main challenge we identified in conducting communication activities for the boutique opening and the following months was to actually make New Yorkers, and Americans in general, understand what gnocchi are and how different they are from pasta and other Italian food products they commonly confuse them for. How we achieved this goal was to conduct an educational campaign concurrent with the communication of the opening by working closely with key American outlets, both printed media and television broadcast.

By selecting specific target journalists we made sure that the opening and the product itself would be categorized and explained as clearly and accurately as possible, introducing the TV element to bring a live visual of the store concept and of gnocchi to potential customers not acquainted with gnocchi and their preparation.

Thanks to this strategy, we achieved coverage on online and print newspapers, food blogs and national television broadcast – bringing Patavini directly to Americans’ homes. In addition to the traditional PR strategy, we conducted a series of digital media/social media activities aimed at amplifying the resonation of the messages as much as possible.

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