B&P USA and Master of Dolci Spread “La Dolce Vita”


Master of Dolci is an emerging family-run company of Italian desserts that was born from a passionof recreating and sharing traditional handmade recipes from the finest quality of 100% made in Italy ingredients.

After having landed in the U.S. market, Master of Dolci strives to offer satisfying yet healthy imported sweets through a unique selection of other Italian brands whose products posses the same natural qualities as theirs.

Exposure of the brand continues to increase through a presence on Instagram, thanks to the social media platform that has become the “modern, millennial search engine”. We were able to establish an effective online presence of the company, creating an account that stands in as a “homepage”, increasing their visibility towards the target audience with the use of three narrative themes: the distinctiveness of the products in terms of quality and variety, the attention to the genuineness and selection of ingredients and raw materials used.

These aesthetics of the account must be consistent and optimized as to capture the attention of our followers and convey the quality of products they’d be receiving, while also sharing a look back in the history and values ​​of the company, so much so as to make them want to interact back.

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